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Making difficult concepts easier – relatively speaking!

One of my Year 6 students loves Science. The periodic table, plasma, geothermal energy transformation – you name it, MM loves it. So when he asked me if I could explain E = mc2 to him, I needed a knowledge stream, fast, and this leads me to today’s point –  YouTube is awesome. Because as wonderful as biting babies and piano-playing cats are, there’s an unbelievable amount of information that us classroom teachers can tap into, especially things that have since been long forgotten from Year 12 Physics by Yours Truly!

Oh, here’s the best ‘fast’ explanation I found:

Wall-wishing the Day Away

During the ‘Engage’ phase of our Year 6 unit on Essential Energy, one of the tuning-in activities required the kids to answer the question, “How can electricity be made?”

Here are their ideas, posted to Wallwisher.

Our wall was a fantastic starting point for sinking our teeth into the Physical Sciences (as defined be the Australian Curriculum)!

The Scale of the Universe

How much smaller is a quark than an electron? How does the size of the Vatican City compare to Uluru? Is the Minecraft World bigger or smaller than Jupiter? Of course you’ve all wondered such things (and if you haven’t, just be a good sport and play along), and now you can see the answers for yourself with this fantastic ‘interactivity’ – The Scale of the Universe 2 by Cary Huang.

As you can see, seriously mind blowing and cool stuff! Thanks to Matthew, one of my Year 6 students, for sharing this one.