Planning the Journey

Last year we published our school’s 2018-2020 Business Plan. Whilst we were really pleased with the final product, it dawned on me that most people would have no idea of how a plan like this comes about. Does the principal lock himself in the office and write it alone? Is it as simple as cut and pasting from a centrally provided template? Does one merely get a marketing company to put it together?

Hopefully you guessed that the answer is indeed ‘no’ to the above questions. In the case of Broome North PS, staff spent the best part of four months engaging in facilitated sessions to ensure what we produced was ours. Along the way I had some slides to keep us on track, and I thought that collating them into one place might be a useful way of documenting the process. Once we had all of the words together (here’s the original Google Doc), we shared it and a folder of photos with a publisher. After a week or so of proofing and tweaking, voila! Business plan complete.

(May I suggest that if you’re looking for some one to bring your own plans to life, Craig at Gumption is demonstrably a wizard!)

Below are the aforementioned slides; I’d love your feedback/comments on them and/or the completed plan if you feel that way inclined.


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