Back on the Blog Train

So a fair few things have happened since I was last here, the most significant of which was a move of schools (I’ve updated the current and previous school sections so you can see where I am now). The main question, I suppose, regarding firing the blog back up is why? The answer: inspiration + time = action!

The inspiration, unbeknownst to him I’m sure, came courtesy of a gentleman by the name of Mark Pegrum. In Term 4 last year I worked through the sixth unit of my Master of School Leadership, titled Integrating Technology and Pedagogy. Mark did an expert job facilitating the unit, and used his fantastic website to organise all of the content into one place. I suppose you could say I had a bit of website envy, so decided that if I get back on the blog train I may be able use this site to also keep relevant links, readings and resources all in one online spot.

The time component was meant to come over the recent school holidays, but I’m pleased to report that I managed to completely switch off from work related tasks for a solid four weeks of the break. The subsequent two were then spent resuming planning for the 2019 school year. Now we’re into the second week of the term, I figured if I didn’t pick it up now it would sit on the shelf for another year, so here we are!

Until next time, here’s a pic of one of the places we got to over those aforementioned school holidays. Bonus points for anyone who knows where in Australia this is…

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