What a Performance!

My most recent post included the preview/trailer video for our school production, Upsidedown Stories – A Circus Comedy Show. I can tell you that show day has come and gone and it was an amazing performance! Quite often when our students are required to speak or perform publicly there is a large ‘shame’ factor and the assembled audience doesn’t get to see them at their best. Well, in this instance the children blew that theory to smitherines! They were confident, vibrant, dramatic, skilled and humorous – Such a testament to their hard work as well as the quality of support they received from the many great people around them.

A huge thank you must go to the Act-Belong-Commit Theatre Kimberley Dragonfly Outreach Program for being our Artists-in-Residence this year. Gwen, Catherine, Ruth, Frank, John and Chris well absolutely stellar! The project was fully funded by a grant courtesy of ArtsEdge, a joint project run by the WA Departments of Education, and Culture and the Arts. If you’re in a WA DoE school and would like to know more about the programme, contact Lorraine Scorer at the DoE to make an application. Finally, well done to the stars of the show, the students – you’ve all made our school community very proud!




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