The Circus is Coming to Town

… Bayulu town, that is!

For the last 4 weeks our students have been participating fervently in circus and drama lessons courtesy of our Artist-in-Residence programme. The programme provides funding for schools to link up with artists courtesy of ArtsEdge, a partnership between the WA Departments of Education and Culture and the Arts.  In our case we joined forces with the Act-Belong-Commit Dragonfly Outreach Program through Theatre Kimberley so we could expose our students to the artistic intricacies of circus. Subsequently, we’ve had performers from Sydney, Perth and Broome all visit Bayulu to get our kids actively involved with things like trapeeze, silks, mini tramp, juggling, unicycle, human pyramids and the like.

The programme culminates on Wednesday with the presentation of Upsidedown Stories: A circus comedy show! The show will tell traditional Walmajarri and Gooniyandi stories (as told to us by community elders) through circus and clowning. As you can see from the trailer below, our kids have loved getting ready to perform for our school commmunity!

If you’re keen to see how it all pans out, we’ll be sure to put up some media via our school Facebook page, so please give us a Like if you’re interested.

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