TeachMeet National Strategy Forum

During Term 2 I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the TeachMeet National Strategy Forum, held at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. A crew of 20 educators, from all over Australia representing a range of school contexts, came together to discuss what TeachMeets are and where they should be going.   photo 1The take-away messages?

  • TeachMeets are SUSTAINABLE
  • TeachMeets are VALUABLE
  • There are SENSATIONAL educators working with our kids all over Australia
  • It’s OK to be a starfish (rather than a spider)!

Check out the .pdf below for the analysis of the forum, as provided by Social Ventures Australia:

TeachMeet_PL workshop_FINAL_140612_

Just as an aside, it’d be safe to say that Sydney (population 4.6 million) and Kununurra (7000) have little in common. For example, there must be at least a dozen ‘Golden Arches’  in the Sydney CBD alone; From Kununurra it’s a 500 km drive across a state border if you want a Happy Meal. (Not a bad thing, by the way.) One of the Sydney teachers described his 55 minute daily commute to school as ‘reasonable’; Mine spans the entire breadth of the town I live in and takes 6 minutes. Finally, I’m not sure Kununurra puts on a light show like this either, which the lovely folks at Vivid Sydney did during my stay:

photo 2


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